These are the exact steps I used to build my product and help countless others make their invention a reality.

Six years ago I was laid off from my job. The country was in the middle of a recession, and the government wasn't hiring.

After 2 months of trying to get a job without any luck, I began to feel that I would never get one.

So I did what most do in that situation, I started a business.

And I have to admit, I had the right contacts in place that for the first 5 or 6 months things went really well.

...and then the money dried up.

I didn't have a plan in place to get new business. Hell, I didn't know how to get new business.

In all honesty I didn't quite understand what it was I did exactly...and neither did anyone else.

I created and organized events and raised money via sponsorship to pay for them.

I would analyze the health of non-profits and small businesses and create strategic plans for them.

I would do freelance work raising money for organizations.

I built websites.


I was hired to do some political consulting on a few campaigns.


I updated resumes and built out LinkedIn pages.

As you can see, I was all over the place. My single goal was to keep the lights on, and at times, even that was a struggle.

...but I survived, and sometimes even thrived.

Fast forward to 2013 and I have this brilliant idea and decide I would create this awesome new product and launch it to the world.

I have gone on to coach hundreds of entrepreneurs, raise over $1M for their products and services, launch Founders Brunch, a bi-annual brunch where founders come from all over the country to fellowship around entrepreneurship, and become a start up mentor for the State of Florida.


...and sometimes I write the occasional engaging article for The Huffington Post.

About Donteacia

I've also thrown a few founder, fitness, and leadership events

here and there.


“Donteacia gave me tons of fresh ideas about how to grow and develop my business, and today, my company is thriving like never before. I’d never be in the position I’m in now without her amazing ideas and support.”


“After leaving my position as a corporate CEO, I needed a fresh start. Donteacia helped me choose my next step to start my new venture. Always open and receptive to my ideas and values, she provided me with exactly the support I needed."


"Donteacia has not only provided me with coaching sessions which will allow me to achieve my entrepreneurial dreams, she has been a voice of genuine concern when "Life Happened." With her guidance and wisdom I've been able to recharge my spirit, renew my mindset and revitalize my why! Thank you for providing personal and professional services!"